Medical Professionals

Everyday, hundreds of Americans that are suffering with a chronic or acute disease and their families are faced with a number of various medical emergencies and rely on long distance patient transportation services to act as a cheaper alternative to expensive “Life Flight” services. With a single air ambulance trip costing at least $5,000–not everyone can afford to spend so much money on a single trip. Often, even when a person’s insurance covers helicopter or airplane-based, transportation services–they will opt to choose long distance patient transportation options because of the high-level of patient care they will receive while on board.


Typically, Life Flight-style services are geared towards providing “emergency services” and are not well-equipped to provide the patient with the same level of “creature comforts” that long distance patient transportation carriers can provide to their clients. Long distance carriers will often provide the patient with entertainment during their trip via onboard DVD and television systems. Some carriers are even equipped to provide a meal to the patient while in transit. Additionally, they will usually have a refrigeration system in the vehicle and can provide cool beverages to aid the patient during their journey. This helps to assure the patient remains as comfortable as possible during their commute. This is especially helpful when dealing with small children.

Often, kids will be afraid and prove difficult to manage during a long trip. Thankfully, long distance carriers are well versed with the needs of sick children and can effectively accommodate their needs–while providing a safe, fun environment for them.

If you or your loved one is not in critical condition and cannot or refuses to fly, long distance patient transportation services are a cost-effective method to using an air ambulance. Long distance ground transport is also a great way for a patient to travel from one facility to another without burdening their family or friends with a lengthy car trip.

air ambulanceWhile in transit the patient will be monitored closely by trained medical professionals that have access to a number of health-sustaining tools, medication, and techniques. These highly-trained, medical escorts remain vigilant during the entire trip. Most carriers will employ drivers that are also trained in a number of medical procedures. This will ensure that in the event of an emergency, all staff in the vehicle will be able to provide the patient with necessary care. Patients can rest assured they will arrive safely at their chosen destination.

However, long distance patient transportation services are not for everyone.

Patients suffering from the following medical conditions are best-suited for ground-based, long distance medical transportation services:

  • Various types of cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart-related conditions
  • Lung-related conditions
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Dementia sufferers
  • Those with limited mobility
  • Other chronic, stable illness

If you or a loved one is in need of long distance patient transportation and have any questions regarding eligibility, pricing, or anything else–feel free to contact us for more info.